Labor Day is over

Labor Day weekend is over. First time I didn’t go anywhere. Before, we always tried to go somewhere far to catch the last summer fun. (For example, last year we flew to Budapest, Hungary-we bought tickets at 10 AM for 5PM flight the same day). Well, this year Continue reading “Labor Day is over”


Somehow, my son decided that if Georgia is in South, that it is a constant summer here.  I agree that it is not Russia, but still this is sometimes 0 Celsius or can be even -10.  But, my child refuses to dress warm.  Every day, I managed to send him to school in t-shirt, long sleeves and a light jacket, but at school he slowly undress himself and come back in afternoon in a t-shirt.

Yesterday, the weather forecast informed that temperature will come close to “0”(Celsius , of course) during night.  Continue reading