Shut-Up Music

Last week we were driving in the car and I turned on a CD,  Tchaikovsky. Suddenly, my son started to scream:  “No shut-up music PLEASE!!!”  I was surprised to hear that, and I looked at him: “What?” He actually liked classical music before.

“Yes-it’s shut-up music!”- he continued. “They turn it on at school during lunch and when they do that we have to be quite and say nothing.  All the kids hate that! “

Well, a few days later my husband and I visited our son for lunch at school.  And really that was it – kids were excited and loud, they ate, and talked, and laughed, and made a lot of noise (which is natural).  BUT! Every 8 minutes or so, classical music came on and the kids had to be silent.  I saw many unhappy faces during this “classical music time”. And right after the music was turned off, the level of loudness rose quickly like the buzz of bees in a hive as the kids tried to compensate for the silent time-they were as loud as they could be. I don’t know how to comment that.  In general, I was very surprised to know in that in American school there is almost no breaks between classes as it is in Russian schools (each 45 minutes -5, 10 and 20 minutes breaks “peremena”- crazy running and talking time).  Here in elementary school, for the seven hours kids spend at school there is only one recess for 20 minutes outside on playground and lunch break for 30 minutes where kids have to take a “quiet break” each 8 minutes.  Kids are expected behave in the hall as well on the way to playground and cafeteria, which mean to silently walk in a single file line.  I understand it is comfortable for the teachers, but what is about kids?  Probably the intentions were good: to introduce classical music to kids while they are eating…but, clearly, it had the opposite effect.

I already see it would be tough to get back a taste for a good music.Image


Somehow, my son decided that if Georgia is in South, that it is a constant summer here.  I agree that it is not Russia, but still this is sometimes 0 Celsius or can be even -10.  But, my child refuses to dress warm.  Every day, I managed to send him to school in t-shirt, long sleeves and a light jacket, but at school he slowly undress himself and come back in afternoon in a t-shirt.

Yesterday, the weather forecast informed that temperature will come close to “0”(Celsius , of course) during night.  Continue reading




At my last post I promised to share some tips I learned from Southern girls during my trip to Charleston to my friend’s wedding (southern girl herself).  Before I start, I’ll have to tell about a stereotype of Southern girls I used to hear about. First of all they like to be pretty, they wear heels and are more feminine compared to women from American North. (So called Southern Belles such as Scarlet O’Hara and so on).  Plus they usually act very sweetly  (my previous post is about that).  I know it is just a stereotype and there are many examples of completely different personalities, but anyway.

That is what I told to one of my friend’s beautiful bridesmaid who was born here, in the South.  She was driving us (me and a hot Brazilian girl) to wedding rehearsal dinner, and we were chatting about common topics such as Continue reading “GIRLS RAISED IN THE SOUTH”

Georgia Bulldogs against LSU Tigers

Yesterday, Georgia Bulldogs played against LSU Tigers ( it’s a team of Louisiana State University). Bulldogs won!!! 44-41 LSU Tigers is a strong team, they are 6th in the country (Georgia Bulldog is at 11th place). So, that was a big deal.  Georgia is crazily happy.  My husband with his college buddies went to see a game in Athens, GA. I post a picture he took when it said that dogs won. He also tried to take a picture of cute UGA, but the dog was far and I got to see only his little house and cheerleading girls around him.I found similar picture in internet.

There were 85 000 people and a big celebration after the game. It reminds me the time when Saint-Petersburg team Zenit won and whole city was celebrating). I am surprised that Americans care for college football much more than State football. Anyway, Bulldogs won probably because they had 85 000 of fans and little UGA on their side, while LSU Tigers came with less enthusiasm and, obviously, without a tiger.ImageImage

The Main Things To Know When You Move To Georgia ( continued from September 20th)

Back to the symbol of the team: a little white English Bulldog, UgaIt started in 1956 with Uga 1st , and now it’s Uga 9th.  The privilege to be a team dog passes to only male bulldogs in the family.  Uga is always following team and he participates in each game.  He observes it from a special little dog house and even has bags of ice to lie on if he gets hot.  So, this is very cute and this is a tradition, and I like traditions, especially cute ones. According to Wikipedia, Uga IV (“Seiler’s Uga Four”, 1981–90) – Won two SEC championships (1981, 1982). He was the first live mascot ever invited to a Heisman trophy presentation in 1982, and accompanied Herschel Walker to the Downtown Athletic Club wearing a custom-made tuxedo -Imagine, how cute was that! Continue reading “The Main Things To Know When You Move To Georgia ( continued from September 20th)”

The Main Things To Know When You Move To Georgia

When you come to live in the State of Georgia, you have to know the main features of this State, and the Georgia Bulldog is clearly one of them.  You may not be familiar with the Obama healthcare reforms or the latest Hollywood gossip, you may not know anything about them, but you MUST know the Georgia Bulldog and you’d rather support and like him.  I learnt about the Bulldogs twelve years ago when I studied for my Master’s degree at Emory University.  I have to say, Continue reading “The Main Things To Know When You Move To Georgia”