Teen Driving class (continued from September 10, 2013 post)

I had one more weekend to go.  This time the full two days of classes were devoted to not only bad weather conditions, but wrong behavior at the road. And there were a lot of movies. Again…a lot of them.  Real stories, one worse than another.  Nothing funny , all focused on teens brain to scare them.

Then, we played a game with teens (I also participated) –all group named things which can distract a driver and one person had to act out the list to the others like charades to make him guess the answer.

The teens got their lessons, probably, they really enjoyed the game.  I was relieved to see they finally Continue reading “Teen Driving class (continued from September 10, 2013 post)”


Teen Driving class (continued from September 9, 2013 post)

A couple of words about the teens. They amazed me by being strangely quiet.  Nobody talked to each other, girls didn’t flirt with boys, boys didn’t try to show off for girls.  That was strange, not the Russian way at all.   I was hoping that kids would become more animated during the lunch break, but no way.  Nobody even left their places, some of them started a pack of chips, and all of them turned on their i-phones and dove into them.  Is it teens from another planet?  Continue reading “Teen Driving class (continued from September 9, 2013 post)”

Teen Driving class (continued from September 6, 2013 post)

So, here I was –with a credit card to pay for the class and a Sponge Bob lunch box borrowed from my son.  I knew that teens must take that class, but as an adult (or grown- up teen) I was not obliged take it.  However, I had already decided  to take it from the beginning hoping it would boost my confidence and will help with my fear to learn to drive. Continue reading “Teen Driving class (continued from September 6, 2013 post)”

Teens Driving classes

Recently I took a 101 class for blogger beginners with Hollis Gillespie. It was very helpful and fun which is always makes things better.  She generously shared a lot of helpful advises, and strongly recommended to me stop asking my husband to edit my blog posts (which he did before without a big enthusiasm, saying the truth).  Well, my first thought was that my husband secretly Continue reading “Teens Driving classes”