Russian Charlotka on American Table (part two)

Шарлотка 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, Charlotka inspired me to do some research and find out more about its history and origins. As with any dish which became popular, there is always a question: who?why? when? Really, who did it at first place? When it happened? And why it is called Charlotka? Really-if it’s so Russian why it is not Alenka, or Mashka? Charlotta is not a Russian name and never was.

So, here are my findings I share with you: The idea Continue reading “Russian Charlotka on American Table (part two)”


Russian Sharlotka on American Table (part one)


I LOVE apple pies. Every time I order it in restaurant I try to guess the recipe and later to repeat it at home.   That is why when I came to my friends’ house and happened to see a new issue of famous FOOD &WINE magazine at the table – it grabbed my attention immediately. I briefly scanned through until I saw a tasty picture of a yummy apple pie. Naturally, I skipped the introduction and began reading. The longer I read, the more surprised I was.   I realized that I knew that pie, I knew this from the childhood, in fact I just did this pie a week ago… “Common-it sounds like Sharlotka! (Charlotka) “ – I said to myself with surprise. Only then, I read the introduction and, Yes!, it was our Russian Charlotka, a delicious Russian pie which is recommended by famous Chef, Matt Darko, in November issue as a great Thanksgiving recipe. Charlotka, which many Russians, well, let’s say, former Soviets, cook when they have no time. Charlotka , which you can make without almost anything, but sugar, flour, eggs and apples, (of course)…Charlotka-the first and simplest Russian apple pie girls often learn to cook .

The recipe is as simple as “one, two, three,” and many women from the former Soviet Union know this recipe by heart. However, just in case someone needs to refresh their memory, here are two trusted sources:

It’s always good to see that your old faithful friend finally got an official publicity and recognition it always deserved.   I felt proud for Charlotka. Well, that is what I thought, but then I did a little research and find out some interesting info about this apple pie. I’ll share more in my next post, So far, Bon Appetite!!!

Along comes a dog!


Here is the star of the show-little Pekingese. She showed up in our backyard yesterday while I was replanting flowers. I knew it was a girl because I immediately noticed very fancy pink color with diamond like crystals. At first, we thought that she just running through our backyard and her owner is somewhere near. No. The owner didn’t show up. It was getting dark and we had to take her home and put her in the basement, because there are a lot of coyotes in our neighborhood and they will definitely attack her.

She spent a night and we posted an announcement in our neighborhood website thinking that her owner will show up first think at the morning. Well, Continue reading “Along comes a dog!”

Do You Also Need a Vacation After Vacation?



Vacation season is over. At the end of any vacation I am always thinking that I need another one. I guess it is because vacations are stressful. It’s surprising that something which is expected to help us to relax and bring us to a stress release environment carries such a strong pressure itself. Stress unwelcomely appeared at all stages such as planning, booking, packing….and, finally, jet lagging. It’s also funny, that being a travel addict, I passionately hate to Continue reading “Do You Also Need a Vacation After Vacation?”

Victory Day!


Today is Victory Day! Great Victory Day. It’s not a secret that even though many other countries was involved in the Second World War and contributed to its’ Victory (and one of rare togetherness US Russia and UK), this day is most celebrated in former Soviet countries and especially in Russia. And despite of all what is happening now, hopefully it will be celebrated always. I wouldn’t even dare to write about this too much except it is a great day in history, probably the greatest holiday, but not the merry one.  War veterans… They didn’t had an easy life then, they don’t have it now, but still they are so happy especially in this day, the strongest and best generation. Being abroad I miss a celebration of it and I am talking not about a parade on Red square, but seeing veterans working on streets of cities and towns, Leningrad siege survivors, kids with flowers going to internal flame, tears, so well-known war movies I personally can’t hear or see without crying. And songs. War songs. There are many of them we all know by heart. Remember this one, Bulata Okudzavy. С Днём Победы!




Few days ago a lady in a book club I visit from time to time asked everybody “What was your first favorite book you read, liked and remembered?”. My American counterparts shared their favorites, and then it was my turn. I think my first book was what my parents read to me, and it probably was Russian fairy tales and fairy tales by Alexander Pushkin. But when I started reading myself, it was “Pippi Longstocking “by Astrid Lindgren followed by “Carlson on the Roof” and so on. Astrid Lindgren was and still is one of my favorite children’s writers. It’s strange that Continue reading ““Carlson on the roof” – SWEDEN CITIZEN WITH RUSSIAN PASSPORT”

White House Petition “Alaska Back to Russia”


I love it!
It’s not a joke-I saw it today in the news and couldn’t help but wanted to share. The truth is that The White House will have to issue an official response to petitions on the official website if they receive 100,000 signatures in 30 days. This petition’s deadline is April 20 to reach that goal. A similar petition was created in 2012 calling for Texas to leave the union. It received over 100,000 signatures and the White House responded.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Today is St. Patrick’s Day. This year it went unusually quietly for me. The best thing came from my Zumba instructor, Janice. It turns out that she is Irish ( this, of course, explains a lot, especially her irrepressible energy charge). Janice brought to class all sorts of green hats and handkerchiefs, was fun and cheerful, and even made ​​us dance under few Irish songs.

And I remembered my acquaintance with this cool holiday in one of my first Continue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”