Happy Old Russian New Year!

Today is Old Russian New Year. 20160107_164948_resizedOne more opportunity to make New Year resolution, make a wish and watch “Goluboi Ogonek”, and everyone’s favorite ” Irony of Fortune”, if you miss any of that at the New Year.  Happy Old Russian New Year!


Victory Day!


Today is Victory Day! Great Victory Day. It’s not a secret that even though many other countries was involved in the Second World War and contributed to its’ Victory (and one of rare togetherness US Russia and UK), this day is most celebrated in former Soviet countries and especially in Russia. And despite of all what is happening now, hopefully it will be celebrated always. I wouldn’t even dare to write about this too much except it is a great day in history, probably the greatest holiday, but not the merry one.  War veterans… They didn’t had an easy life then, they don’t have it now, but still they are so happy especially in this day, the strongest and best generation. Being abroad I miss a celebration of it and I am talking not about a parade on Red square, but seeing veterans working on streets of cities and towns, Leningrad siege survivors, kids with flowers going to internal flame, tears, so well-known war movies I personally can’t hear or see without crying. And songs. War songs. There are many of them we all know by heart. Remember this one, Bulata Okudzavy. С Днём Победы!



It’s hard not to be inspired by autumn.  Leaves are unashamed in their beauty falling from the trees, leaving more light behind them, but emptiness. Sun is not hot any more, but seems to be warmer, and deeper, and you cherish its moment thinking of soon to come winter.  Autumn is definitely the most beautiful season; it has always invoked diverse feelings.

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AND…after  teen’s  driving class, it took me six months to push myself to go to DDS office to get my driving learner’s permit.  Well, I paid for practical driving classes at the same time I paid for my teen class.  So, at the end of September it would be expired.  I had to go and get permits to sign up for lessons behind the wheels.  It was long line, huge amount of people. There were many immigrants: many languages, many accents.  I easily recognized Russians, I don’t even know how.  They were far and I didn’t hear them speaking, and they didn’t exactly looked Russian; however, they looked Soviet, probably Georgian. Then they diluted in the crowd. I waited and waited and finally they called my number. It happened that the lady sat at neighboring computer to take her test.  Do you speak Russian? I asked her?  She nodded.  “No talking!”, Continue reading