10 Tips to Travel Azores


  1. Azores is the new must-have on your dream vacation list. It’s a nirvana for nature lovers, but don’t underestimate the cultural life which is blooming there.  For example, on Terceira Island there is a wonderful history museum you can easily spend a half day in and great musical events (ask me details if interested).
  2. Don’t try to speak Spanish in Portugal. None. Nada. If you know some Spanish words and assume that the Portuguese will understand you – forget it. They probably will understand you, but it won’t do you any good. They don’t like to speak Spanish and don’t appreciate others confusing them with Spaniards.  You’d be better off by gesticulating with your hands and smiling.
  3. When travelling Portugal, stay in a Pousada at least once. A Pousada is a hotel located inside of a real medieval castle of …
  4. Try seafood anywhere you go. It’s all as fresh as it can be. If the waiter tells you about the catch of the day, trust them/ It will be the best catch you can have
  5. You don’t need to run far to catch an amazing sunset. There are tons of places (Miraduro in Portuguese) specifically created to enjoy the view
  6. Everyone who goes there starts by checking out the volcanos: there are different types of volcanos -horizontal, vertical, old or acting. See them all
  7. A local travel group created a lot of hiking trails of varying difficulty. Ask about maps in tourist offices or your hotel.
  8. There are no wild animals you to avoid, only domestic bulls. Locals say that be careful especially of those who are alone. Run fast or climb a tree.
  9. Pineapples are grown in the Azores natives. There are a lot of local cheeses and other dairy products. As well as wine. Don’t leave the islands without trying them
  10. The Portuguese have a sweet tooth. There are signature desserts you have to try such as donna Amelia cake and the famous Pastel de Nata. Don’t forget to order coffee Galao (espresso and steamed milk).  It is served in a tall glass

The final advice is: Don’t waste your time, don’t google it! Just go there!


The Azores: 50 Shades of Green Islands

IMG_20180106_170022_216When I first heard about the Azores, I didn’t know where it was. As a person who travels extensively, I felt ashamed. I had to google it. When I saw the pictures, I was mesmerized in front of the computer, such lush greens and deep blues. When we hear the word island, we subconsciously think-beach vacation and scenery, maybe a sunset over the water.  Some beach scenery Continue reading “The Azores: 50 Shades of Green Islands”