Something I don’t want to remember, but I won’t forget

20161021_140038Dear everybody. This is a sad message today. A week ago our house got on fine in the middle of day and was burned. We all weren’t home, except for our BELOVED dog. They couldn’t safe him. I dont want to say much as we all are in a deep grief. We loved that dog and everyone had a special love for him. He is a pure gold and he is unreplaceble. I had so many stories about him I put on Facebook and I planned to do much more…Speaking of house itself-everything was burned according to fire people. I haven’t been inside yet. I had all my memories of kids when they babies, videos, photos …it’s unreplaceble as well. I also have a novel already written -kids story about dogs I was working for 5 years. It was saved on computer, which also was in house. I torture myself with questions Why? What if…and I know, it’s not right thing to do. We should be thankful no one was in a house. And we all think that if only dog will survive we would be very happy despite of house lost…We always will love our Riley. It was a week ago and I am thankful for family and friends who supported us in this difficult time. Neighbors opened GoFundme account and help with all possible issues, many people talked to me since that time. I very appreciate it. I was not sure I wanted to write about it in my blog, but it is too big to miss plus I have people following me who is not in any other media. Please, pray for us. I believe it will help. We all dont take it easy. We need your prayers. Thank you. With Love.