The Azores: 50 Shades of Green Islands

IMG_20180106_170022_216When I first heard about the Azores, I didn’t know where it was. As a person who travels extensively, I felt ashamed. I had to google it. When I saw the pictures, I was mesmerized in front of the computer, such lush greens and deep blues. When we hear the word island, we subconsciously think-beach vacation and scenery, maybe a sunset over the water.  Some beach scenery can be nice, or even beautiful, but how about scenery breathtaking in a way you want to stop the car every turn and twist in the road. Instagram worthy pictures appear over each rise in the road. You can walk for hours drinking in this powerful wild beauty and let your soul search for harmony.  Imagine the scenery in 50 shades of green and 100 shades of blue, with miles of trails on the edge of a wild coast, volcanos you can climbed down to find a lake at the bottom, natural pools, dark curvy volcanic stones under savage Atlantic waves, Japanese Cypress covered by deep green moss as magical as a Hollywood fairytale forest, but better because it is real. And all of it only a 4-hour flight from Boston.  In my next post I will share 10 tips to travel Azores.


3 thoughts on “The Azores: 50 Shades of Green Islands

    1. Yes, Ansley! That is a great place -it has not only beautiful nature, but also a cute European touch- such as colorful town and villages and cozy cafes )

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