The Right Way to say Hello!

Dear ya’ll! I was on my summer vacation and after I came back20151004_222857 I was thinking for quite a long time for the right topic to bring up to you after my break. Everything seemed to be not good enough-not too interesting, not to funny or not too serious…And finally, I run into very tasty and easy recipe of Peach Cobbler (southern, of course) in the internet.   it inspired me so much and so quickly that i tried it at the same day.  While I was eating the warm piece of this cobbler,the simple and primitive idea came to me.  I decided to share this recipe with you, because at the end of day all we need is love ( of course) or at least a dessert.  And if you are like me, you need it at the beginning of day as well.

Here is the link to the recipe. I did some minor changes:  I put less butter and less sugar.  I also added in peach filling brown sugar mixed with white (50/50).  It all was good.  Hope , you’ll like it as well

Bone appetite!


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