70 Years of the Great Victory (part 2)


Yesterday, in the Russian school when we talked about family members in the Second World War, several people said that their family members didn’t go to War… and there is not too much to say about them. This is simply impossible. Everyone who lived during that time on the territory of the former Soviet Union was involved. Every-single-one : men, women and children.   My family lived in Central Asia which was the home front, so Germans didn’t come there, but they were involved: My grandfather went to the front, my grandmother stayed home with 3 small kids. She had no medical degree, but she went to hospital and started to work as sanitarka in a hospital that was evacuated from Kiev. Then she took nursing courses, and became a general nurse, then a surgery nurse (she fell unconscious at the first operation), but later on she became Chief Surgery Nurse and worked there until the war was over and hospital moved back to Kiev. The hospital director invited her to go to Kiev to study at medical institute, but it is already another story.  My mom and her sister were kids and they always came to hospital to sing and do little cute performances to wounded soldiers.   My mom was very small and she remembered only several war stories, one of which how sometimes solders gave them a piece of candy. Three sisters shared one candy for 3 pieces and the older sister gave up her part for little ones. ..It has been 70 years after the war…but my mom can’t trash food. Even when food became bad (sometimes it’s happens to everyone), she collects it in small bags and looking for animals at the street). We tried to make her change, but surely it didn’t work out. So, war affected all who lived at that time. Everyone has a story. Please, anyone who knows and remember family war stories, comment it in my blog. There are people from different countries read this, former Soviets and not only. Let’s read each other’s stories, because it is a huge part of our life as well.


3 thoughts on “70 Years of the Great Victory (part 2)

  1. Agree completely. I am also from Former Soviet Union, Uzbekistan. My grandfather went to the front and got multiple awards. My grandma worked and raised two girls in hunger. I have strong childhood memories how my grandpa got invited to my school on Victory Day every year, and was telling war stories.

  2. Отличная идея, Юля. Сестра моей бабушки воевала в партизанском отряде всю войну в Белоруссии. Дедушка служил пограничником в Армении . Сестра и мама бабушки погибли. Оба были родом из восточной Украины. Семеро родственников дедушки погибли на фронтах. Я сейчас в процессе собирания информации о жизни моих родственников во время войны.

  3. Thank you, Stella and Natalia for your memories. Everything we know about the war, besides books and movies, we know from our relatives who survived. I am sure they didn’t share with us everything as well for many reasons. I think it is important to find out family history when possible and remember it.

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