70 Years of the Great Victory


Despite…, In spite of…, No matter what… and Forever!!! Всех Всех Всех с Днём Великой Победы!

Here is a link to amazing 25 Archive pictures about Second World War Victory Day on May 1945



2 thoughts on “70 Years of the Great Victory

  1. I think it’s great that you brought up this topic. I think that today people forget that while Russia was leading in the war, there were soldiers coming from other republics as well. I also come from Central Asia, from Uzbekistan to be exact, and my family was also effected by the war on both sides. My mother’s uncle (grandma’s brother) went to war and never came back. Great-grandmother first and then my grandmother kept the letters from him, until he disappeared. Even in the United States, later in the 90s, we met two Uzbek men who fought in the war but were captured by the Nazis as POWs.
    My great-grandfather on my dad’s side was meeting trains from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine every day until the last train would arrive. He made sure that the orphans and families that would arrived on those trains were placed with Uzbek families who were always open and showed a tremendous hospitality to those effected by war first-hand.
    In my house it was the same with throwing away the food, and especially when it came to bread. Everybody knows that “Ташкент-город хлебный”, which was particularly highlighted during the war.
    So, this is my two cents, and I hope that people will not forget that actual Friendship of People that really did exist in those times.
    Today unfortunately, the Central Asians are called “churkas”, “gastarbaiters”, and other offensive names.
    Let’s stop for a minute and think about who we all really are.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Indeed, that was everybody’s Victory, and everyone was involved. I think that majority of people recognize that. Yes, it’s true that some Russians tend to stereotype people from Central Asia, but I think those who lived there, as myself, know that the real friendship between Soviet nations really existed not only on papers and TV. I personally love Central Asia a lot.

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