Unexpected Side Effect


Few months ago my husband and I shopped with at Costco, and he was attacked by a sales person with supplement samples. As much as we all hate advertising, we also know it works, which is why it is still around. As a result, my husband bought a bottle of liquid CoQ 10. Many of us know that Coenzyme Q10 is a natural nutrient present in virtually all cells. It is similar to a vitamin and found in every cell of the body. Our body makes CoQ10, and our cells use it to produce energy our body needs for cell growth and maintenance. It also functions as an antioxidant. We have a lot when we are young, but we need more after 40. Anyway, he bought it and used it for a month. I asked him if he feels any younger or more active. He explained, that it depended when he drink it: if it’s in the morning-you feel ok and more energetic, but if he drink it at night he had intense dreams as in childhood. I was intrigued: I haven’t seen an exciting dreams for a long time. Usually, there is a list of things to do buzz through my head when I try to sleep, and that is about it. Well, I decided to try CQ10 myself to see childhoods’ dreams again: colorful, adventurous and exciting. Saying the truth, I didn’t feel any different for a week, but today I work up from a really bright but strange dream I remembered so well: I was in delivery hospital, but I wasn’t pregnant. Despite that, the doctor in an emerald green uniform gave me an injection of anesthesia. I was surprised and asked her Why? “We want to make you back all straight”, she replied (yes, I missed Pilates class the day before and my back complained about it). Then I told the doctor: “You can’t do anything serious with my back before the x-ray!”. The doctor was surprised and looked at me: “Yes, you are right! How do you know that?” “Because I am a doctor myself,”- I remembered proudly. Then I went somewhere to have an x-ray done. On the way, I met several people running and talking loudly, and one of my woman friends in a red dress (who recently divorced in a real life). I asked how was she, and she announced that she was getting married again! Well, I congratulated her and she introduced me to her fiancé,…also a woman to my big surprise. Her mate was in bright blue dress with a lot of blond braids in her hair… I thought that it’s probably great to have this color of hair -you don’t see any gray hair… Then I woke up. Yes, my dream was colorful and intense, but I doubt I could see anything similar during my childhood. Apparently, CQ10 didn’t affect that. I don’t know if I want to continue to take the supplements, but those brave ones are welcome to try (and NO-the company don’t pay me for an ad)


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