Faith, Hope and Love



Вера Надежда Любовь

Today the  Russian Orthodox Church is celebrating Faith, Hope and Love day /Saint  Faith Hope and Charity.  It is a very special day for many people, as well as an angel day for women named Faith, Hope and Love.  It is also a very special day for me because two of my loved ones have these names.


Do You Also Need a Vacation After Vacation?



Vacation season is over. At the end of any vacation I am always thinking that I need another one. I guess it is because vacations are stressful. It’s surprising that something which is expected to help us to relax and bring us to a stress release environment carries such a strong pressure itself. Stress unwelcomely appeared at all stages such as planning, booking, packing….and, finally, jet lagging. It’s also funny, that being a travel addict, I passionately hate to Continue reading “Do You Also Need a Vacation After Vacation?”