Atlanta is prepared for the new snow storm!  This time they made it clear that they are ready.  School is canceled since yesterday.  News covers with the info about roads, hospital and emergency teams remained on standby.  We are also prepared.  From our side it means that everyone packed with food, no one plans to drive or go anywhere, and sleds for kids are bought.  Kids are glued to windows waiting for snow to come, ignoring the huge homework packages that their thoughtful teachers sent by e-mail for kids to cover for a week of school absence.

A month before my friend and I had an idea to go to cruise with kids exactly this week which meant kids had to miss 4 days of school.  However, we changed our minds because of that.  Well, because schools were canceled anyway, I just talked with that friend and we discussed how great it would be if we would ignore everything and followed our initial desire-we would be on Caribbean right now, eating mangos.  My son heard our conversation and yelled: “No-THEN I would miss a SNOW!!!.  I looked at him: “Do you really prefer snow over Cruise trip?”  I was highly surprised.  He thought for a minute” Yes, it’s because I am Russian, Ma!”: ))

Yesterday night I was watching Olympics waiting for my beloved figure skating, but the program was stopped and weather forecasting called “Snow storm has potential to be Catastrophic” was started followed by interviews with highly prepared teams, etc.   I was patiently waiting for 40 minutes, but finally gave up and went to the bed.  Today in the morning, I turned on Olympic channel again, but there was still (or again) forecasting and warning that people shouldn’t leave houses.  My son sat next to me and asked why everyone seemed to be so worried.  “Ma-it’s just a snow? It’s fun! “ I explained to him that everyone worried mostly that ice can break trees and they would fall down and cut power.  “In this case, we’ll have no electricity-you understand?  No heat in houses, no stove to prepare food…” He nodded and continued  “No refrigerator… -then he really looked worried and exclaimed:  “BUT  The MOST terrible part is NO TV!!!  I can’t see cartoons and you can’t see Olympics!!!”

P.S. Picture was taken in my neighborhood during the last snow when we were unprepared and kids had to slide with swimming equipment: ))


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