Holiday Anti-Stress Release


Since late October, there have been plenty of articles on internet and newspapers under the major themes of Christmas and New Year: How to avoid stress during holiday season, Tips to handle holidays, Best Christmas gifts for her/him/kids, Tips to help to keep your budget under control, Easy holiday dishes, etc… I was quite irritated with that.  I felt that stressful situation was heavily exaggerated.  Really-it’s a nice holiday, plus it’s  family time.  Why shall it be stressful and all printing magazines prepare us for that?!!  Just relax and enjoy.

Well, I ignored all these messages and I didn’t educate myself with all those helpful anti-stress tips.  During one of those weekends we (my husband, son and me) decided to go and buy a Christmas tree.  It was supposed to be as simple as can be. We went to Continue reading “Holiday Anti-Stress Release”


A Gorgeous Man


Recently, I was walking at shopping plaza not too far from my neighborhood, and I saw a little sport office. I stopped in to find out more and thinking of my son whether he needs or may need take some other sport classes in addition to baseball and tennis he is taking.

The tall red haired lady welcomed me with a wide smile. She was about 40th or so, very beautiful, real Southern Belle.  I got the info regarding the sport programs for kids, and slowly, (in a minute or  so) we were already chatting about life, love and men.  I don’t even know how it had happened, but she told me about her divorce, which was pretty recent, three kids and plans for the future.  Even I was impressed with such a friendliness (or loneliness maybe).  I like to hear all of that stuff, but I had to lead back home to meet my son.  So, slowly I moved towards the door, opened it ready to say Goodbye. “ It was so great to meet you, “ she exclaimed,  “Let’s have a lunch at some point to continue conversation about men!”  I said: “Sure, let’s do that…but probably you won’t discuss men for a while, “- I said, hinting on her recent divorce. (as I know from my personal experience, usually women don’t like think of dating for a while).  But she seemed to be surprised with such an assumption: “Oh, I am dating a wonderful man now!  He is SO gorgeous! “- And she smiled sweetly and like she was shaking from excitement.  I’ll show you a picture, – she exclaimed… Well, who wouldn’t welcome an opportunity to see a picture of a gorgeous man, especially if he doesn’t’ belong to you?  Continue reading “A Gorgeous Man”

Laughter with a Foreign Accent (continued from November 23 post)


Here is one of my lost in translation (Laughter with a Foreign accent) stories I promised.  In previous post I shared some of my beginner English mistakes, but later, naturally, my English moved up, and along with that my mistakes in English became trickier for English speakers. So, I already was seriously dating my future husband, and we went to his friend’s Birthday party.  It was a typical Continue reading “Laughter with a Foreign Accent (continued from November 23 post)”