Somehow, my son decided that if Georgia is in South, that it is a constant summer here.  I agree that it is not Russia, but still this is sometimes 0 Celsius or can be even -10.  But, my child refuses to dress warm.  Every day, I managed to send him to school in t-shirt, long sleeves and a light jacket, but at school he slowly undress himself and come back in afternoon in a t-shirt.

Yesterday, the weather forecast informed that temperature will come close to “0”(Celsius , of course) during night.  My husband went to porch to bring flowers in pots inside to keep them safe from freezing.  My son also ran outside in t-shirt and shorts, helping his Dad.  I was a the kitchen and I heard how my husband told our son: Go inside-put something on-it’s chilly!  My son was jumping around as a wild animal.“Is it?”-  he looked surprisingly at his Dad dressed in a warm sweeter “Are you cold? Really?” “Yes,it’s kinda cold!”…Well, my son shrugged “I am Russian”, – he announced))



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