10 Lessons Learnt From Halloween

1 Halloween party is the best place to meet a guy(and marry him later)

2. As a father of a girl in my neigbourhood said to his kids: “Big groups get small candies, Small groups get big candies”.

3 There is age limit to  Trick or Treat

4. Russian church is strictly against of Halloween, Catholic is not

5. Trick or Treat is a great way to get to know your neigbours

6. Only on Halloween you can hit houses on other neighbourhoods and it will give you a hint of their financial prosperity and neighbourhood’s  garage sales potential

7 Dogs are looking terribly cute in Halloween costumes (I am not sure they share this opinion though))

8. By dressing up, you have a rare chance to step back into childhood, and probably even look cool in the eyes of your own kids

9. Pumpkin carving is a tough but fan family project which brings all together, plus this is the great for pumpkin seeds lovers

10 It’s a good reason to celebrate and have carnival


2 thoughts on “10 Lessons Learnt From Halloween

  1. I enjoy to celebrate this festival when I am in USA. It is not custom of Ukraine. I dress as the witch with broom. However, my English is taught to self so I am not understood by many speaking it. I still enjoy to watch the children in costumes. I only see one Halloween. I enjoy the list. 🙂

  2. Yes, Lina, it’s always interesting to participate in Halloween at the first time. I thought that foreign expetriats brought that holiday to Ukraine already. They do fun parties in Russia as far as I know-not that big as it is in the US, but still 🙂

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