Next day I was wandering in downtown Savannah checking out its’ wonderful squares and shops.  In one of shops I was checking clothes when I heard excited:  “Oh sweetie!   This shirt looks exactly like you!!! So simple, plain – It looks SO comfortable! “ Aha! “- I thought-“here we go! “ I turned around and I saw three girls around 18-20 years old.  One of them had a green t-shirt tried on and another one held her shoulders and was looking at her with sweetest smile possible, as a real angel.  The third girl was staying next to them without saying a word.  I was wondering how the girl in the green t-short would handle this touching situation.  Despite of my expectation, she looked lost only for a minute, then, she said: “ No-I just thought I have plenty of the same style. I don’t need more I guess.  Thank you, girls though)) And she smiled sweetly back and took out the shirt…”Well, I thought that was kinda cute,” -sang the angel voice girl with some disappointment.

Well, probably that was IT. Or something close to IT. Or maybe I was overevaluated the situation. Clearly, any woman can be bitchy, but I think the Southern signature was that when you sweet like that, it seems strange to fight back.  You just take it with a smile as well.  Probably I already was in similar situation and didn’t even notice that. Tell me if I am wrong. Or share with me a better example, please .

PS BWT, I took this GRITS picture also in Savannah.  And again-there are plenty of really sweet Southern girls(hopefully, they all  are among my friends))Image


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