At my last post I promised to share some tips I learned from Southern girls during my trip to Charleston to my friend’s wedding (southern girl herself).  Before I start, I’ll have to tell about a stereotype of Southern girls I used to hear about. First of all they like to be pretty, they wear heels and are more feminine compared to women from American North. (So called Southern Belles such as Scarlet O’Hara and so on).  Plus they usually act very sweetly  (my previous post is about that).  I know it is just a stereotype and there are many examples of completely different personalities, but anyway.

That is what I told to one of my friend’s beautiful bridesmaid who was born here, in the South.  She was driving us (me and a hot Brazilian girl) to wedding rehearsal dinner, and we were chatting about common topics such asmen, family and shared recipes for cooking and handling husbands. She also told about her two grandmothers who were very opposite from one another.  One told her that a woman has to be pretty and must learn to cook to keep a man around (and she taught her granddaughter to cook, by the way), and another one told her she had to study and to be independent and not to rely on men that much.  I think it was perfect combination and pretty comprehensive helpful advice from both sides.  Then we chatted about  Southern girls in general:  She looked at us with a cute smile and told: The Southern woman can put you down so professionally with a sweetest smile, that you won’t even notice. “ “Really? Here everyone is sweetness and honey “, – I was sincerely surprised.  “Oh-Yea! “She nodded with confidence. “Have you never experienced that? “ – she looked at me with a grin.”  I bet you just didn’t notice-they are professionals.  Just hear and see around-you’ll understand what I mean. “

I remembered that and when we were driving with my husband to Savannah the next day after wedding, I asked him about it.  He thought for a second, then he nodded-“Yes, probably it’s true”.  Kinda bitchy?  – I tried to clarify. “Yes, but you can’t do anything, because they sound sweet – maybe like they are helping you”.  I was puzzled until the next day. (to be continued tomorrow)

P.S. I tried to check my spelling on google and this “Girls raised in the South” song showed up – I decided to include it as well))


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