Lost in Translation

This morning was cool, even cold.  During breakfast my husband gave me some weather updates and told that on Thursday it probably would be 32 F degrees.  Fahrenheit (along with inches, miles and pounds) doesn’t mean much to me because I (along with the rest of the planet, by the way) grew up with Celsius, meters and kilos and I have everywhere in house thermometers in Celsius.  However,  I learnt by now that 32 Fahrenheit is “0” Celsius.  “What?  “Zero” in Thursday!?” I shivered in advance and continued “I bet it’s is even warmer in Moscow!”  My husband gave me a funny look: “Forget it!”-he said.  “No!I think it is warmer there,”- I grabbed his i-phone from the table.  As all i-phones, his has a voice activated system(Siri) he talks to all the time (I secretly hate her).  So, I turned on the system, a little microphone showed up inviting me to post my question.  “Weather in Moscow!”- I told out loud.  Siri got confused and didn’t answer anything, but in the search bar it appeared ”Weather in Law schools”.  “She didn’t get your accent,”- peacefully commented my husband. Well, I continued and repeated more carefully “Weather in Moscow”:  The search bar changed to “Weather in more schools”.  Again, “Moscow weather”- and “law suit weather” appeared… “Such a stupid machine!” – I noted…and be sure Siri perfectly and proudly repeated “Such a stupid little machine!”  OK-I laughed.  “Okay! “ Siri said.  Even though temptation was strong, I decided not to check weather at law schools, turned off phone, and decided to go back to my breakfast.


4 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. chad is in charge of giving me the weather report every morning too. In celsius of course. canada uses metric of course. except for weighing yourself – then we talk in pounds. the only exception really. xx

    1. Hi Andy-happily, you have a good weather now all the time) As for weighing yourself-I would prefer kilos…It looks so much better)) I don’t like even to look at pound line-it makes me nervous

  2. I really enjoyed reading all of your posts, very interesting …it is almost like you are sitting next to me and telling me your daily updates! Nice job!

    1. Hi,Olga! Thank you for your comment-and I am glad you like my casual “daily updates” style. I am sure many of us went through similar experience and have a blog is my way to fight nostalgia and homesickness))

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