The Secret to Strong Leadership

Last week the school bus schedule was changed. Now, the bus is leaving at 6:53 AM.  I am not kidding.  At 6:53 AM the child is supposed to be fed, dressed, and stay at the bus station waiting for an exciting yellow bus come.  And it’s normal here.  Some people (many) wake up at 4:30 every day and also think it is normal.  I am not a morning person, to say it in nice way and to be politically correct.  To be true, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON AT ALL!!!  Usually, I go to the bed at 2 AM, and 6 AM is the time of the sweetest dreams for me and it’s a middle of night.  I literally, can’t do much in the morning.  I hardly managed to put myself from horizontal position to vertical and try to do my best to keep eyes somehow opened and be angry with “this country of early birds”.  Honestly saying, nobody in my family understand why I even wake up, but I have that idea that I must send my son to school, or at least to be present around.

Anyway, today in the morning it was especially unpleasant, because time had been moved even earlier. I was sitting at the table, observing my son eating breakfast and gave some weak commands, such as: Don’t forget vitamins, please”, “ Make a teacher read my note”, etc.  Finally, my son told: “Mam, stop doing it. You are some kinda house government!  Just sit, do nothing, but give orders!” 

I woke up then, and I was laughing hysterically.  First of all it was nice to get a promotion from housewife to house government, but also how simply and direct my child interpreted a government role: just sit, do nothing and make orders))  Well said!


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