10 best things to do during Federal Government Shutdown (for government workers mostly and their friends)

10. Stop worrying – they ‘ll pay you anyway

9. Enjoy your unexpected vacation in addition to the government’s “generous” 12 days per year

8. Finish all things you need to do at home, spend time with family

7. Turn off alarm and sleep well

6. Jump in the car and go somewhere (not too far, unfortunately) as you don’t know when they’ll call you back

5. Catch up with your friends also working for government-you all have a great reason (and time) to meet

4.  Do some job search to see what is around in your field

3 Finish the book you have been reading for a year

2. Go to restaurant, then shopping , then to movie or vice versa

1. OR go to Charleston for a wedding, sailing with other bridesmaids in Charleston Harbor, swim in the ocean and have FUN as I did!


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