Diana Nyad sophmore adventures

Yesterday, I read at Emory magazine,which I regularly get as an alumni, an interesting fact about Diana Nyad, the first person (64-years -old woman) confirmed to swim from Cuba to Florida without a protection of shark cage non stop for 52 hours, 54 minutes and 18.6 seconds). Apperantly, Diana Nyad was dismissed from Emory University as a sophomore after attempting to parashute out of herforth floor dorm window.!)) I can only imagine how my dear Emory regrets about it now))



Next day I was wandering in downtown Savannah checking out its’ wonderful squares and shops.  In one of shops I was checking clothes when I heard excited:  “Oh sweetie!   This shirt looks exactly like you!!! So simple, plain – It looks SO comfortable! “ Aha! “- I thought-“here we go! “ I turned around and I saw three girls around 18-20 years old.  One of them had a green t-shirt tried on and another one held her shoulders and was looking at her with sweetest smile possible, as a real angel.  The third girl was staying next to them without saying a word.  I was wondering how the girl in the green t-short would handle this touching situation.  Despite of my expectation, she looked lost only for a minute, Continue reading “GIRLS RAISED IN THE SOUTH (continued)”




At my last post I promised to share some tips I learned from Southern girls during my trip to Charleston to my friend’s wedding (southern girl herself).  Before I start, I’ll have to tell about a stereotype of Southern girls I used to hear about. First of all they like to be pretty, they wear heels and are more feminine compared to women from American North. (So called Southern Belles such as Scarlet O’Hara and so on).  Plus they usually act very sweetly  (my previous post is about that).  I know it is just a stereotype and there are many examples of completely different personalities, but anyway.

That is what I told to one of my friend’s beautiful bridesmaid who was born here, in the South.  She was driving us (me and a hot Brazilian girl) to wedding rehearsal dinner, and we were chatting about common topics such as Continue reading “GIRLS RAISED IN THE SOUTH”

The easiest way to become a nice person

The easiest way to become a nice person is to move to American South.  When you moved to the South, you are automatically became “Sweetie”, or “Honey”… or “Hon”.  That is how people call each other here and how they call you.  Everyone, your neighbor, a lady at parking service, salesperson at the supermarket you see for the first time.  At the beginning, it’s quite strange and even shocking – “Do I know her?”  I always asked myself when I heard again that I was “honey”.  “Does she knows me? “ Obviously not, if she calls me this way).  Yes, it sounds strange, especially when you moved from the big city of Moscow.  In Moscow, you are lucky enough to get Continue reading “The easiest way to become a nice person”

Lost in Translation

This morning was cool, even cold.  During breakfast my husband gave me some weather updates and told that on Thursday it probably would be 32 F degrees.  Fahrenheit (along with inches, miles and pounds) doesn’t mean much to me because I (along with the rest of the planet, by the way) grew up with Celsius, meters and kilos and I have everywhere in house thermometers in Celsius.  However,  I learnt by now that 32 Fahrenheit is “0” Celsius.  “What?  “Zero” in Thursday!?” I shivered in advance and continued “I bet Continue reading “Lost in Translation”

My Russian borsch recipe (Moscow style)



  • 5 quarts beef broth
  • 1.5  pound slice of meaty bone-in beef shank
  • 1 medium onion, peeled, chopped
  • 2 Bay leaves
  • 2-3 large to medium beets, peeled
  • 2 carrots, peeled, and chopped (or grated)
  • 2-3 medium potatoes, peeled, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
  • 1 tomato diced (or 3 tablespoon canned diced tomatoes) Continue reading “My Russian borsch recipe (Moscow style)”

The Best Soup For Cold Weather

Once upon a time, when I studied at Emory University in the US, my good friend called and asked what did I cook for dinner, because she wanted to come over.  “Borsch”, – I answered, thinking that she would definitely know that.  “What is it – borsch? Jennifer asked with suspicions. “It’s a famous Russian soup with beets and cabbage”.  “Beets and cabbage, – repeated she sadly…well, I think, I’d rather stay home.”  It is true that beets and cabbage are not the most popular American vegetables, at least not for everyone-it’s for sure.  However, at that evening, Jennifer still came to my place and tried the borsch.  Now, this is Continue reading “The Best Soup For Cold Weather”

To Laugh or Not To Laugh

10 years ago, when we were going to move to Russia, I anticipated how my American husband will get excited about it.  He grow up in the South, and travel overseas only twice, so I thought he should be thrilled about the prospective to move to Russia.  “Aren’t you excited about it?!!! “- I kept asking him looking at his face with hope.  “You are going to such a great country!!!”  Despite my enthusiasm, my husband seemed to be worried and much less excited then I would expect .  I ordered a lot of Russian literature as Chekov, Nabokov, Bulgakov, Bunin, to name the few.  I even took “12 Chairs” by Ilf and Petrov  from the library to slowly introduce him to the culture. I was especially enthusiastic about this one. Really, how can you not like “12 Chairs” ? When I read it, I cry from laughing…I have to say that the book was some kind of shorten version of “12 chairs” translation, I guess, because it wasn’t as big as it shoukd be.  But, anyway. I gave to my husband the book and he started to read it at evenings.   I watched him…He didn’t laugh, not even a smile.  Well, that was strange.  I waited two more nights – the same reaction (or no reaction to be true).  Then I finally gave up and confront him with question.  “So, do you understand what is this about?” “ Sure,” – he answered to me.  “Did you get it?”-  I repeated (it’s my favorite habit all family members hate). “ And who is Ostap Bender? What kind of person he is?”-  I continued to interview him.  “Just a сute criminal,”- he answered calmly.  I was shocked.  Just a criminal!!!??? Ok, Yes, maybe, BUT!!! It’s not all about that…” He is just great –so funny, smart and creative! All Russia admires him!”  “All Russia admires a criminal…Why am I not surprising?”- he grumbled and turned off a reading light.

The Secret to Strong Leadership

Last week the school bus schedule was changed. Now, the bus is leaving at 6:53 AM.  I am not kidding.  At 6:53 AM the child is supposed to be fed, dressed, and stay at the bus station waiting for an exciting yellow bus come.  And it’s normal here.  Some people (many) wake up at 4:30 every day and also think it is normal.  I am not a morning person, to say it in nice way and to be politically correct.  To be true, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON AT ALL!!!  Usually, I go to the bed at 2 AM, and 6 AM is the time of the sweetest dreams for me and it’s a middle of night.  I literally, can’t do much in the morning.  I hardly managed to put myself from horizontal position to vertical and try to do my best to keep eyes somehow opened and be angry with “this country of early birds”.  Honestly saying, Continue reading “The Secret to Strong Leadership”