One of the first things to do before moving to the United States (continued from September 24th)

Dr. N. was as sweet and nice as any American dentist I can imagine.  He was overly polite, which never is a good sign, had respectable gray hair with a perfect haircut and wore good cologne. He looked at my teeth with a polite smile, but then suddenly he seemed worried.  He completely ignored my weak statement that I visited a Russian dentist just a few months before and did deep cleaning in a very good and expensive clinic.  He nodded and told me cruelly: “It doesn’t count”. 

Well, I was very sad to know that the amount of work he sees right away was pretty big and the price would be very high too.  He also let me know that because I just got insurance, most likely it would cover only an x-ray. He suggested that I find out immediately what else is wrong in addition to my broken tooth.  “Why do I need to do that?” – I asked him- “If I can’t afford fix it now, why do I need to know?”.

His voice was soft and very gentle.  “We have to prepare a PLAN.  You don’t need to do everything right away.  We can follow the plan as slowly as you need.  You need only trust between doctor and patient.”  He touched my hand and looked in my eyes and I almost felt hypnotized by his calm and confident voice.  “Only trust.” – he repeated powerfully – “Don’t you agree?”

“Yes”, – I finally managed to squeeze a word out.  “Only trust “-, I said out loud. (And a small fortune) ,- I thought


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