The Main Things To Know When You Move To Georgia (continued from September 21st)

Thanks God, even my husband went to University of Georgia and he loved and support bulldog’s, I would call him to be a moderate fan compare to really extreme samples I saw.  Let’s say, his cousin, Brandon, is one of the examples I personally know.  He not only follow team whenever they go, decorated his house in bright Bulldogs’ red and black colors, he also did the same ….on his wedding.  And Brandon is a serious and busy person in everything else, so this is not due to lack of things to do.  He wasn’t married for a long time and I had a deep suspicions that it would be difficult to find a woman who would let him to dive into this world for few months out of year regularly.  Luckily, he found one who also liked Bulldogs (or at least was smart enough to show that she did) and here they are both sitting in front of TV with bottles of beers for many weekend nights.  When you drive anywhere in Georgia, you often see on houses Georgia Bulldog flags, even more often than US flags and much more often than Confederate flag (more about this later), almost each store has Bulldog paraphernalia – clothes, caps, pijamas, sleepers and dishes with Georgia bulldog images. For each UGA alumni and students T- shirt is a must have item, however for many there is much longer list. Recently I saw even an Easter egg plate with Bulldog on it. It’s actually a good team, and I was very surprised when in Moscow, at famous craft market Izmaylovo, we found Russian matreshka (Russian nesting dolls) with Georgia bulldog team on it – the actual team that year, with the star players numbers and names. No questions where this Matreshka went to be the best Christmas present from Russia with Love.  Of course, to Brandon.


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