The Main Things To Know When You Move To Georgia ( continued from September 20th)

Back to the symbol of the team: a little white English Bulldog, UgaIt started in 1956 with Uga 1st , and now it’s Uga 9th.  The privilege to be a team dog passes to only male bulldogs in the family.  Uga is always following team and he participates in each game.  He observes it from a special little dog house and even has bags of ice to lie on if he gets hot.  So, this is very cute and this is a tradition, and I like traditions, especially cute ones. According to Wikipedia, Uga IV (“Seiler’s Uga Four”, 1981–90) – Won two SEC championships (1981, 1982). He was the first live mascot ever invited to a Heisman trophy presentation in 1982, and accompanied Herschel Walker to the Downtown Athletic Club wearing a custom-made tuxedo -Imagine, how cute was that!

That is why the only reason I would go to the game, because I want to see Uga.  I always asked many practical questions about Uga: how he is actually sit through the game, and where does he go to bathroom, and who take care of him.  All of these questions seem to irritate Bulldog fans because the only one question they have is will they get to the championship. To be true, I never went to Buldog’s game.  I went to Athens and gladly participated in BBQ and beer drinking parts, but after, when all crowd moved to the game, I went to check out a nice (for America) Athen’s downtown.  However, my daughter at age 8 went there with my husband.  She wanted to see adorable Uga nesting on ice.  As I remember, the game had started around 7PM, and they finished about midnight.  When I met my family after the game, to my complete surprise, my husband carried my daughter because she was sound asleep.  He told me she fell asleep right in the middle of game under loud yell of fans. Well, I remember that, but I don’t remember they won or lost that time (to be continued)


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