The Main Things To Know When You Move To Georgia

When you come to live in the State of Georgia, you have to know the main features of this State, and the Georgia Bulldog is clearly one of them.  You may not be familiar with the Obama healthcare reforms or the latest Hollywood gossip, you may not know anything about them, but you MUST know the Georgia Bulldog and you’d rather support and like him.  I learnt about the Bulldogs twelve years ago when I studied for my Master’s degree at Emory University.  I have to say, I am not into sport, and I am not into football specifically.  In fact, before I came to the United States, I knew only one football – when 20-something half naked guys try to kick one little ball around the grass field for a couple of hours.  I didn’t understand the pleasure of it.  I know now that American football has nothing to do with European football except the fact that a ball is involved.  I never managed to learn the rules – too many times I started to listen and then gave up on following.   However, Americans love the game.  Here, in Georgia, a pressing majority who went to UGA naturally support, love and are passionately involved in Bulldogs sport life many years after their graduation.  When football season starts (which is now), it seems that life in the state magically switches to the GO-Bulldogs Channel.  So-called Georgia Buldogomania has started, the best part of that happening in Athens (the homeland of UGA and the Bulldogs).  Families drive to Athens with kids far in advance of the game, set up barbeques, hanging out and drink good portion of beer.  It’s some kind of family & university reunion going on.  I always welcome the beer and barbeque part, and I usually skip the game itself.  I also like the symbol of the team: a little white English Bulldog, Uga (to be continued)


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