AND…after  teen’s  driving class, it took me six months to push myself to go to DDS office to get my driving learner’s permit.  Well, I paid for practical driving classes at the same time I paid for my teen class.  So, at the end of September it would be expired.  I had to go and get permits to sign up for lessons behind the wheels.  It was long line, huge amount of people. There were many immigrants: many languages, many accents.  I easily recognized Russians, I don’t even know how.  They were far and I didn’t hear them speaking, and they didn’t exactly looked Russian; however, they looked Soviet, probably Georgian. Then they diluted in the crowd. I waited and waited and finally they called my number. It happened that the lady sat at neighboring computer to take her test.  Do you speak Russian? I asked her?  She nodded.  “No talking!”, – I heard behind our backs. 

I had to take exam. So, I did it and I passed and got a learners permit (temporary so far).  I was waited a little to see if a Russian speaking lady will pass as well.  I kept my permits in hands. My picture looks funny there because they make you look down when they took it.  As in anything, there is good and bad parts.  In good part is that I shouldn’t carry my red Russian passport around anymore when I want to buy a bottle of wine thus supporting the stereotype of Russian drinks too much: )  The bad thing is that everyone will know my age now (:


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