Teen Driving class (continued from September 10, 2013 post)

I had one more weekend to go.  This time the full two days of classes were devoted to not only bad weather conditions, but wrong behavior at the road. And there were a lot of movies. Again…a lot of them.  Real stories, one worse than another.  Nothing funny , all focused on teens brain to scare them.

Then, we played a game with teens (I also participated) –all group named things which can distract a driver and one person had to act out the list to the others like charades to make him guess the answer.

The teens got their lessons, probably, they really enjoyed the game.  I was relieved to see they finally flirted with each other. The bottom line:


  • Eat
  • Talk on the phone
  • Text
  • Don’t drive when tired
  • Race with another car
  • Drink alcohol
  • Make out (especially on highways-on teens opinion)
  • Put makeup on
  • Flirt with other car drivers
  • Flirt with pedestrians
  • Must No make out flirt with Police

List is continued…some suggested that if suddenly an alien will show up, you have to keep driving and not react at them.  The cutest guy in the group, Joseph or John (nobody really knew his name, except the instructor), said that Spider Man jumps in his car-that would be distracting and he wasn’t sure what to do then.

At the end of the class we had a real exam (theory part, of course) about road signs and rules.  I squeezed all reading I did and common sense and put it at the paper.  The instructor checked everybody’s work and announced that we all passed with a high score! And we all are great drivers now.  Yay!  The only thing is left for me is to learn to drive. As I told before, my driving ambitions are to get a closest food store to buy bread.  I don’t want to race there, or flirt with pedestrians, or drink any alcohol to boost my courage (it’s not a bad idea though).  I might flirt with a police officer despite the rules, in case they stop me, but it’s cultural, you know.  I left the class scared much more than when I entered.  I think I needed more some kind of encouraging, cheerleading class  that will make me think that driving is great…Well, there is no such  a class…That class pushed me back from the desire to learn for several months, and I paid for that.


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