Teen Driving class (continued from September 9, 2013 post)

A couple of words about the teens. They amazed me by being strangely quiet.  Nobody talked to each other, girls didn’t flirt with boys, boys didn’t try to show off for girls.  That was strange, not the Russian way at all.   I was hoping that kids would become more animated during the lunch break, but no way.  Nobody even left their places, some of them started a pack of chips, and all of them turned on their i-phones and dove into them.  Is it teens from another planet?  Do they know each other?  Why don’t they talk, don’t laugh, don’t discuss anything or play around?  I have to admit one more strange observation-nobody besides me used the restroom.   I was puzzled.  I took my funny lunch box and went outside to enjoy the beautiful day.  The grass and trees around facility were totally green and red birds flying around to make a scene look very summery.   I walked on the grass for an hour and then returned to classroom.  Kids were still busy with texting and games.  Then second part of day started and the next hour instructor spend on warning kids to behave in class and respect her for teaching us.  She sounded very serious on that, and even introduced a special paper for misbehaving kids.  I was puzzled even more, why she had to talk about this in the class where kids barely opened their mouth. Maybe it was a part of program assuming that there is always someone who  interrupts instructor, or maybe it’s a policy she tried to follow.   I would have preferred the instructor  go into some details about right and left turns and parking.  But, obviously everyone already knew that except me.  So, the bottom line of my first weekend of driving lessons was that I left the class even more scared than ever , having all horrible life story from the movie settled in my brain, probably exactly in the part with should be allocated for courage and braveness… (to be continued)


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